About Us

Since 1982 we have started to operate in home decoration products, porcelain dinner / breakfast sets and kitchen sector.The vast majority of our product groups are imported.

Our company sells products to Turkish market with wholesale sales channels in retail stores in cities outside Bursa and Bursa.

In many cities in Turkey, there are extraordinary retail stores where our product group meets with the last consumer.

In our business ethics, "Integrity and Right Service"

Our product "quality and the right price"

The style of our store "Simplicity and elegance"

With respect ...
Aykut OCAK / General Manager


We are a part of our time to share ideas with your loved ones in your home, at the most important living corner of your life, by developing ideas that will make your household items most special and beautiful.


We work to replicate the times you enjoy sharing in your home with your loved ones.


  • Always be a pioneer in the sector
  • Getting an indispensable goal in success
  • Always do better than before
  • Feel exceptional with quality service and product